About CybrScribe

CybrScribe is another personal space for me online and another ministry of mine that is very close to me because on this corner of the Cybernet, I write about a lot of the things that I see going on in tech, apps, art, animation, illustration, productivity, and my experience with video games, workflows that worked and didn’t work for me, and just anything else that kind of just comes across my mind.

I like to keep up with a “few” things going on in tech and computers so this blog won’t be too tech-heavy if you want to keep up with the latest tech trends — this isn’t that type of blog.

I can’t keep up with everything going on in the virtual world while trying to steward everything going on in my house. 

Since I do a lot of writing or scribing and I primarily do most of my writing these days on digital apps and tools, then I figured that the name CybrScribe would be fitting for this website. And yes, that is CybrScribe without a an “e”…apparently that domain name was already taken. But either way this spelling looks cooler anyway.

A couple of years ago I got really fond of cyberpunk, vaporwave, and futuristic color combinations and styles of artwork and so that’s why this is the main theme for this website here. 

It kind of gives me Akira vibes. 

Oh! And if you’re a writer or would like to write more and publish online I hope I can encourage you to do that through my posts while giving you these backlog of resources that I’ve accumulated over the years from research and trial and error. Don’t worry it’s free.

I’m still organizing all of it but if you want to keep tabs on them here is my resource page

Either way, it’s nice to see you on here and I hope you enjoy your stay! 👋

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