So occasionally I tend to bookmark a variety of things ranging from apps that I use or would like to use or just some interesting articles that are related to my posts on CybrScribe so I clip them here. 

So I figured that maybe some of the things I collect over time could be useful or helpful to you if you’re into the same things that I am. It’s much easier for me to do this then to keep setting up multiple pages and posts for each topic that I clip for later use. 

The tool that I use to bookmark these clippings is called It has an awesome free option plan and is open-sourced as well if you’re into that type of thing. 

I’m always cleaning house with my open tabs and tab history and migrating from my previous Raindrop account which is just so unorganized 😭 so I try to keep things better organized here.

Come back and check here often to see if there has been any changes or new clippings if you do find my clippings helpful. Everything should be clipped from the most recent clips to the oldest. 

Different curated collections of mine (constantly and tentatively growing)

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