The rise of Ai is actually going to help artists and writers

Kwenela Tubbs

There’s going to be so much exposure of Ai products in media in the near future that creative humans will become more obvious and more interesting in an Ai saturated market.

I think this will be a topic that I would love to talk about more often because I love tech — I’m even surprising myself right now because that was not always the case. And with my interest in tech and tools, I have always had a love of drawing and writing, so this will be something I see myself talking more about in the future.

But I was just thinking today about how everywhere I turn I’m hearing people talk about Ai this and Ai that, or people are saying ChatGPT this and that; that Ai is becoming so saturated in the news or common talk abroad that it makes sense as to why many people; especially writers and artists; are afraid of losing their jobs to Ai.

Ai and job security concerns and competing with Tech

Job security is a major concern for those in today’s workforce who see how companies are keeping their eyes peered for Ai advancement that could replace human workers to save money in the process.

The workforce that is currently getting hit the hardest for being replaced/having to compete with Ai are your coders, artists, musicians, writers, photographers, video editors, etc. and this is because instead of people having to go outsource or commission someone to produce an art form for them, they can just write a script in an Ai product that would generate a product similar to what the person wanted at a cheaper to no cost on their part.

It is because of this that many are worried if people would still continue to be interested in the work that they produce over the type of work that Ai is out here producing; but I wouldn’t worry about any of that. If anything, I think that Ai is going to end up helping artists, writers, and anyone in the creative fields of work. And I believe that all of this will be done while creatives won’t even have to touch Ai to reap the benefits of its existence.

I say this because people have a living and breathing soul, while technology does not. Creativity is subjectively based on a person’s perspectives, perceptions, and passions — wow, that’s a lot of P’s — while technology can only compute these types of outputs that would be generated by a person. If there’s no human, this means that there will be nothing for the Ai to “learn“ from.

And when it comes to consuming art and writing, humans will want to consume from other humans, and relatability is a top reason for that. Technology only “consumes” what the human has first provided.

Stealing like an “artist”…

There is also the concern about how Ai makes it easier for those who like to steal other’s work and present the work as their own. Ai would be doing most of the legwork for them while allowing them to steal more at a faster rate and make a profit off of creatives. People are already copying art references from artists to use for Ai to generate “new” content and attempt to present this content at their own.

I like to call these types of people who use Ai for this purpose, “Professionally Productive Plagiarists” — (What is up with all of these P’s?) — and I believe more people will be turned off by having art and writing directed towards them from Ai because the content would not be coming from the heart of a person but would be coming from a curated collection of hearts and minds of unknown artists and writers combined with what technology presumes is humane and acceptable for humans to enjoy — while not being human.

When the entire market is saturated with this type of content, then humans, or at least, I would believe a lot of humans, would get tired of Ai. I know I will, and I’m already getting to that point before Ai has gone mainstream and before the term “Ai” has become a common name in many households.

The thief who steals others works to present them as his own will end up opening the door for more people to prefer real content over Ai generated content, because they would be a contribution to the oversaturation of Ai content in the market at large.

Now you know what happens when we discover something new we tend to get excited about it — even to the point of overdoing it. We overdo to the point of sometimes abusing what is new… Well, with technology we tend to overdo it through our excitement for innovations. When our curiosity, seen in our excitement, is not properly moderated it leads to oversaturation. Oversaturation leads to lack of originality and boredom of whatever is being presented to the public. And this is where we come in as creatives to rectify the “boredom”.

Ai generated content will become tiresome to consume…

Technology and Ai cannot experience the “human” experience as we do because — well — it is simply not a human. And this is an important factor when you present the idea of producing creative works that people or humans want to relate to and consume.

Now combine all of what I just said with the idea that this market is going to become sooo saturated with Ai media in a world that is moving farther and farther from the truth, while lies are becoming more readily accepted, and you have a market where I can see that there are going to be more people wanting; no; needing honest human connection that would be genuinely felt from another human.

This will be a connection that cannot be provided by technology, which again does not have a soul. This will leave much room for opportunity for those of us who are not; well; technology.

Tech can’t “touch” emotion

These reasons are for why I said Ai is going to end up helping artists and writers who will continue doing what we already do best without having to “learn” how to do what we do. We just learn how to improve what we already naturally do. Ai is only going to end up trying to replicate reality through other peoples’ works while using filters and exaggerations of colors and shapes to make works of art.

Ai is trying to learn and guess through machine “learning” what the human mind feels. People are going to be able to give other people what people like without needing to learn feelings and emotions as Ai does.

I can also see how more people in the future will be wanting more connection and community with others over having information talked at them or marketed towards them through Ai.

The greedy will abuse Ai…

And it’s not just going to be Ai that people will be tired of. I can also see how people will get tired of being seen as dollar signs by greedy people and snake oil salesmen who will and already are abusing Ai with malicious intentions.

Since the love of money is the root of all evil, Ai will be the way that many greedy people will express their love of money to try to make money quickly. People are going to end up being the prey. The greedy would be the type of people that would end up contributing to society at large, getting sick of Ai generated content.

But even their dynasty won’t last either because as they abuse Ai to make more money with fake content from fake curation of content produced by Ai; they are setting up the stage for creatives who don’t rely on Ai to make content.

…But they will help their competition without realizing it

While those who are greedy are basking in their greed, they may not see that they are actually helping the writers and the artists that would be their competition. They would be prepping the hearts of their “clients” to be receptive to us creatives that enjoy doing and making what we love passionately, while not doing it for money in the same way that many marketers are doing and using Ai for.

So even they, will end up helping their competition while digging their graves. And since there’s going to be so much exposure of Ai products and media in the near future; creative people will become more obvious to spot; just as a fake dollar bill becomes easier to spot out and avoid when being presented next to a real dollar bill. The real one is the one that people like and value. Real content that comes from people is the content that people will value more.

And all of this reminds me of the common phrase that appears in intro credits to a film that says:

“Based on a true story.”

Well, pretty soon I think people and their works will benefit from the phrase:

“Based on a true (real) person — not Ai generated.”

And the cool thing is that we won’t have to even “say” that our work is not Ai generated or based on a real person’s thoughts because what we do with our hands will speak for itself.

I don’t hate Ai as an artist and a writer

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Ai. After reading this some of you may think that I do but I actually don’t. I see a lot of benefits to Ai and ChatGPT that helps me to save time and increase my workflow tremendously.

But I am saying that:

  • There is a difference between a person curating video content and producing it versus a person asking Ai to slap a whole bunch of videos and images together for them without them even trying to go back and edit what has been generated.
  • There is a very big difference between a person talking in a podcast and an AI generated avatar speaking in a podcast to you by just reading off of a script.
  • There is a big difference between Ai writing your blogposts for you with no flaws in grammar versus a person writing a post that has grammatical typos and shows the imperfections of a person.

It is those imperfections that are relatable. And that difference between Ai and creatives is what is going to benefit creatives in the long run.

Cover Image Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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